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What Should Your Driving Goal Be?

Your initial answer to this question might be to be the fastest driver on the track. Well ultimately this should be your goal. You will never reach this goal until you learn the basics. This is what is so great about Papyrus sims. The complexity of driving and car setup is what racing is all about. This is fully duplicated in NASCAR and INDYCAR. So, you ask, how do I get to be the best? First you must learn the basics. I will do my best to give you training methods and also tell you what you should be concerned with on the track and around you while you are racing. So your initial goal should be to learn your car, how to handle your car, how to understand the reaction of your car, and most importantly to be able to drive your car around the track for 500 miles and not put a scratch on it. If you can do this you will produce better results for yourself which will enhance the enjoyment of the sim for you and your driving competitors. ENJOY!

Before you can learn to drive and be aware of your surroundings, you must learn the tools that give you this information.

Simple Driving Techniques

: At this time do not worry about speed. First you must learn control and consistency You will find you will gain some speed even with a bad setup if your driving style improves. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU NEED TO LEARN!

The first thing you should try to accomplish when driving is to be consistent. Go out onto a track and drive the same line around the track over and over. For example: Go to Atlanta and keep your car down on the bottom of the turns. Keep your car down on the white line lap after lap. When your tires start to go away you must still keep the car on the white line. Keep your car down there lap after lap. Do not let your car slide to the outside. While you are doing this try different entries into the corner. You will find how you enter a corner means a great deal. You will be able to keep more speed through a corner and keep a better line with a good entry into the corner. Your entry into the corner means everything to a good lap. After you have run MANY laps at the bottom of the track and you no longer slide up the track uncontrollably, do the same thing but run around the middle of the track. This will be a little tougher to do because you don’t have the line a the bottom of the track for a reference. You will also have to get on and off the gas at different points on your entry and exit of the corner.

These techniques may be boring but they are the basics and need to be mastered if you want to do well. After you have mastered Atlanta, go to a tougher track. For the best training, I suggest Louden (New Hampshire). At Louden you must be precise and consistent. If you can master Louden you can drive anywhere. This is it! The most important part of giving you the skills you need to do well. The basics are never fun to learn but after they are learned they give you the biggest payoff.

Advanced Driving Techniques

After you learn the basics you can start eeking out those last few tenths. The easiest way to tell if you are driving well is to listen to what you hear. Do you hear your tires screaming for mercy? If your tires are squealing, then you are loosing speed. You are also wearing your tires faster. The more you skid, the faster the tires go away. When you enter, a corner odds are you will hear some skidding. Change your entrance into the corner and also adjust your braking points or the points where you just get off of the gas. You want as little sliding as possible.

Probably the hardest thing to do is to get back onto the gas and exit off of the corner without squealing your tires. If you are pushing, you may want to wait just a little longer before you get back on the gas. This way you don’t skid as much coming off the corner and you will save your tires. If you are slightly loose, you need to get the back tires hooked up as early as possible exiting the corner. This is pretty tough because it usually means you are going to be swinging the car very close to the wall on the exit of the corner. The way I usually get the rear tires to hook up is to ease the steering wheel back to the right. This is more of a feel that you have to acquire and is very hard for me to explain.

Driving In Traffic:

The most important issue when driving in a crowd should be survival. If every driver on the track is more concerned about finishing the race, odds are most drivers will give each other plenty of room and survive the race. When you see a car pull beside you, your main concern should be to give that driver plenty of room. You should not be concerned with beating this driver until you are comfortable with side by side racing. If a car is on your low side, he has all rights to the low side of the track. You are obligated to give him plenty of room. If you are comfortable racing on the high side, go ahead and do it! The inside car is obligated to give you the room you need on the outside. But you must stay out there until a pass is made. If you don’t feel comfortable on the outside, let off of the gas and let the person by you. At least you will finish the race. Maybe the guy that you are letting by will use up his tires and you will get him later. At least there is that possibility if you are still in the race.

If you have practiced driving high lines and low lines around the track, you will have no problems racing side by side. I can’t emphasize the importance of giving your competitor the room he needs and deserves to survive a side by side battle.

It is very easy to over drive your car when you see someone catching you in your rear view. You must learn not to change your style. Odds are you will get slower rather than faster. Most drivers biggest problem is that they overdrive their car. Like they say, sometimes you have to slowdown to go faster. This is also true when you are trying to catch someone or just racing in general. To be consistently fast, you must be smooth. Let off of the gas a little earlier to get into the corners. You will find that you are able to better control the car through the corner and you will also find that you will have better exits off of the corner which will increase your lap times and save your tires.


When you are approaching a car, take notice to the line of the guy in front of you. Is he driving a high line? Is he driving a low line? Is he the most out of control driver you ever saw in your life? You need to have a plan set for when you get to him. Obviously if you caught him there is a spot on the track you are faster then he is. This is where you have the best chance of a clean pass. For example… if the car you are trying to pass is washing to the outside at the end of the turn it would be best if you get a clean entry into the corner so you can get under him at the exit of the corner. REMEMBER you must leave him room on the outside if you go under him. If you clear the car on the straight before the next corner, grrrrrreat! If not, you must make sure you enter the next corner leaving plenty of room on the outside for your opponent. Don’t slide up the track. Just because you are racing someone, your braking points do not change. The physics of the game do not change just because you gotta get by someone. In fact you may have to let off of the gas earlier to keep your car down on the white line. Both you and your competitor will have to do this if you are to successfully make it through the corner.

If you are driving into a corner and you get your right front fender barely alongside a guy, you may want to get out of the gas a little early. You definitely want to make sure you are clearly along side of the car in front of you. If it is questionable, you should back out. If the driver in front of you is competent, he will give you the room you need and you will definitely see this when you follow him. You really need to be sure you have position on the guy in front of you and that he knows your there. It is hisonline_driving.htm responsibility to give you room, but if he does not, you will be taken out also. It’s not easy and there is no way you can be 100% sure he knows your there. But if everyone lives by the rules in this document, he will know to give you the room you need also.

When you are following cars, you may need to let off the gas a little earlier than you normally do. At least until you figure out the braking points of the guy in front of you.. If you wreck the car in front of you because you just rear- ended him, you are to blame!. There is no excuse for this! Be ready to be thoroughly trashed in chat! You must change your style for the car in front of you, he cannot change for you. Taking a car out should be your worst fear! It may take many laps before you feel comfortable making a move on the guy in front of you. That’s OK! Remember the emphasis is on finishing, not your finishing position.

Avoiding Wrecks

Avoiding wrecks is not easy to explain. When there is a wreck in front of me I usually just try to hold my line and pray! If I see that there are cars sitting at the top or bottom of the track and I have enough time to make a move I will do so. But if a wreck happens and cars are spinning and I am in the smoke, not knowing which way to go, I usually just hold my line. I find that the more I try to avoid the wreck, the more I get caught up in it.

What to do after you wreck

Wrecks are inevitable. You will wreck. If you don’t wreck every once in a great while your not going fast enough. These wrecks should be fewer and farther between if you have followed the instructions in this doc.

When you do wreck, your first thought should be to get out of the way. You may keep your car pressed up into the wall or get down off of the track onto the grass or apron. When you decide to get going again you must make sure you stay off of the racing groove. You can use the ALT I function to use the Papyrus tow truck to get back to the pits. If you are dead and cannot get off of the track, exit the sim immediately to avoid taking out anyone else with you.
See ya on the track!:)


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