NR2003 Windows 7

Go to the folder and changed the exe to run in xp mode (right click, properties, run in xp mode).

How to get NASCAR® Racing 2003 Season and NASCAR® Racing 2005 Season Working on Windows 7
By bwright1 and steve90

About This Guide

This Guide will teach you how to get NR2003/NR2005 working and running on your Windows 7 System.

This Guide was made my bwright1 and steve90.
Written by: Bwright1
Design by: Steve90



VI . LOADING NR2003/NR2005

Install your copies of NASCAR® Racing 2003 Season and NASCAR® Racing 2005 Season First. ( A fresh install is required for a success in this process, After you install both, then you can put in your backup copies of track,cars…etc). Follow on Screen instructions as you install the 2 games.
After this is done, follow on to Step 2.

(NR2003 Only)
Go to and download NR2003 Latest Patch and install to NR2003 Main Directory
(NR2003 and NR2005 )
Now put in your backup copies of tracks,car mods…etc.

After this is done, go to step 3

III. Loading NR2003 and NR2005
Now after you’ve already done Step 1-2 Start up NR2003/NR2005 Config 3D Graphics, follow Instructions, and then start up NR2003/NR2005 Config 3D Graphics.

Start up NR2003/NR2005, then go to Testing Session , Click Continue (Makes no difference in what track) and Click Drive. If it continues and you can drive without crashing you have successfully installed NR2003 and you don’t have to go any further on this guide, but if you crash cause of a DEP (Data Execution Process). Close this program and please continue reading this guide.

After this is done, go to step 4

Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
Data Execution Prevention is a security feature that can be a bit of a pain at times. Often things will simply appear not to run at all; hopefully you will notice a bubble from the taskbar letting you know that DEP is the cause. If Windows 7  (and actually this has been around since Windows Server 2003) sees that a process is being spawned that “could” be unwanted, DEP shuts it down. This is especially common in some application installations: if a Windows Installer setup (MSI) calls an executable in Windows 7, DEP could very well put a stop to it. If you are trying to run an installation or other executable being stopped by DEP, it could save you some trouble so turn it off while you attempt to give it another shot…

To disable, Continue to step 5

To disable DEP to get NR2003/NR2005 do the following:

Run a command prompt as administrator. From the start menu, select “All Programs”, then “Accessories” and right-click on the “Command Prompt” shortcut and choose “Run As Administrator”. From here you can use the following command to disable Data Execution Prevention (DEP) with the following command:

bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff
Then Restart your computer.
This will remain off ALWAYS!

If you do not feel secure after racing your game turn it back on by putting in the following command


bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOn
then restart your pc and it will now Be ON!

Continue to step 6

Now launch one of your games, and if you can get on the track and drive… then you have got it working.

If not, retry this from step IV AND VI.

  1. Zachery B. says:

    Hi, I followed all the steps (except switching the folder from exe to xp because i don’t know how) anyways i turned off the dep installed thee patch and it still crashes can you please help. It will greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Andrew says:

    still craches for me…. this game is a peice of shit and fuck off maker of this shitty ass game oh ya and the graphics fucking suck on this game!!!

    • Steven says:

      Andrew, you realize this is an 8 year old game, right? Don’t expect it to run perfectly on Windows 7 without having to do some tweaks, because it’s not going to happen. If you’re going to be angry you should be angry at Microsoft for developing such a shitty operating system with non-existent backwards compatibility, not at Papyrus.

      • randall s Dunphy says:

        Hear hear! very well put. This game is very old. I just got grand prix legends to run and it took at least an hour of tweaking. very rewarding tho. its fun to twaek the system to run old stuff! Sort of a challenge really. And with no anger! Get angry over taxes, that is more productive …

      • Tobus says:

        Andrew is an 8 year old himself, by the sounds of it.

    • Jim says:

      I’ll give you $10 for it, if you don”t want it

      • randall s Dunphy says:

        Check ebay, a good copy WITH valid serial number will go for lots o cash from us real online sim racers!!!!

  3. actually guys…i run it on windows 7…what the issue is…well, windows 7 home prem. was not setup to run older games or programs, i went to 7 prof. which is setup for that..hope that helps..i race 3 to 4 nights a week and no issues.

    • randall s Dunphy says:

      WOW! that is interesting. i was in windows Pro for a bit and lots of my games would not run. I did not know it was better at running some games. Do you know why exactly that is so.

  4. well, some games are just too old to play…i did research on which windows 7 to buy and found out that they set up the home premium to run what you get afterwards. and if you want to run the older games with no issues then you will have to upgrade…i guess it is a way to make more money lol

  5. ander says:

    Thanks friend, my NR2003 is working now.

  6. codeman says:

    Trying to race over ip with my brother but cant get his game to connect, it just says “Connection Timed Out” every time he tries to connect. Ive made 1000% sure the ip and core.ini are correct, and have changed his firewall and router settings a million times and still no luck, somethings still blocking his game.

    Does anyone know what else could be causing this?

    …..its not on my end. Its solely his computer, his game is somehow blocked from the internet even with the firewall turned off(in windows and in router settings).

    I know how to setup DMZ so people can connect to me, Ive done it this way for years. Other people are able to connect.

  7. Kris says:

    I have NR2005 & it did not work on my win 7 home premium but I saw a post on a forum that said to install nascar thunder 04 then copy a file from that folder & paste it into the NR2005 folder & rename it, I did that & now it opens but the graphics are all messed up, the vehichles are just lines & weird shapes. I tried changing the compatibility mode, running as administrator & also changing the game settings but no luck, any ideas? thanks!

  8. I really was basically exploring for tips for my personal
    blog and located your posting, “NR2003 Windows 7 SimNASCAR”, do you mind in
    the event that I personally employ a few of your own ideas?
    Thank you -Temeka

  9. J Karel says:

    L.S. I have the only windows 7 version there is on the earth. I find “All Programs”
    I cant find “Accessoires”, i cant get “Command prompt”, i cand find “run as administrator”
    Wel can i Find a DOS prompt but there is no way to disable DEP.
    So the other infoemation will be crapp, no value, s..t

  10. Brian Wallis says:

    I have windows 7 64 bit Ultimate. I installed NR2003, the 1.2 upgrade and a no cd crack. I installed the BR13 mod with a plethora of cars. all in the …series\Gen6 folder, cars are in the …series\Gen6\cars folder. Got the mod from BullRacing. Every time I go into the game, it loads fine, but I go into Opponent Manager I can’t see the picture of all the cars listed, also when I go run a race, I get “could not load the cars”. Any ideas?

  11. TheSage says:

    Well Wiley Albritton Jr “Not So”…I have it installed on win7 prem and run league, where you will run into trouble is if you install anything that installs DirectX 10 or 11…NK2003 will not run with either installed. the only way to get it running if that happens is reinstall windows so it is just DX9 or run it in a virtual machine or desktop although that is not needed if win7 is just running DX9 only.

    You can also copy and past the Windows folder as admin with full rights and name it “Windows 2” then set the boot file to let you choose between the 2 (Just make sure one installation has only DX9 and put all DX 10 & 11 programs into the other. Then if when you want to play NR2K3 or any older games for that matter just boot into the appropriate windows version.

    I am a tech by trade these are the only solutions I know of.

  12. TheSage says:

    I apologize Wiley was not contesting your info just meant to give alternatives for running NR2K3 and or other older DirectX 9 games.

    My bad bud, I guess I misunderstood your info till after I posted should have reread before posting…No ill intentions.


  13. wiley says:

    np bud…i try to help as well…any time we can help these guys…i have never once had an issue with windows 7 pro with the game…i know people that has using only the home version….

  14. Ed Finley says:

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate and up until recently, the game worked perfect. Then my PC died and I went out and got new MB, CPU & Memory, re-installed everything and since then, the game will not run. I have “disabled” DEP many times, Tried every combination, even tried running from the CD & running without any Virus Security program! Still crashes! Kills me cause I used to run in a league every night. Anyone out there with some suggestions…I welcome them!

    • Daniel Hughes says:

      try using a desktop theme that isn’t using aero, like windows 7 basic. I know it changes on it’s own but mine crashes till I manually change it to not use it, and it works perfectly.

  15. XLO-JOKER says:

    If someone wants to leave their email, I HAVE a CD crack that works, Game copy world’s crack didn’t work on my machine, this does! Ill email it to someone to upload for all who have troubles.

  16. Hey are using WordPress for your blog platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and set up my own. Do you
    require any html coding knowledge to make your own blog?
    Any help would be really appreciated!

  17. Joshua Gayman says:

    bcedit doesnt work on my ssytem so what am i supposed to do? :/

  18. Zak L says:

    Any way to get around disabling the DEP? NR2003 always crashes with it one but my online steam games require it to be on for cheating protection.

  19. Al Small says:

    I just purchased Windows 7 installed nr 2003 disabled DEP..The game works but not very well..If I race in a crowd it works fine.But if I am running by myself in front of the pack or behind the pack it is sluggish like it is not getting the frames per second rate needed to run the game..My FPS run between 115 and and 145.The graphics are real good.It seems to have the same problem no matter what mod I run..Can anyone point me in the right direction??
    Thanks Al

  20. Just installed and it wont detect any display modes for directx d3d and i can’t use open gl because when i launch the game it locks my pc at a black screen. help pls

  21. I love the efforts you have put in this, thank you for all the great posts.

  22. Ed Finley says:

    You need to disable DEP in Windows 7 for the game to run.
    Also…there is a no CD patch out there so you don’t need to use CD.

  23. GrandpaJ says:

    I have nr2k3 running great on win7 and 8.1 great grafics and I run a AMD supported video board with 2mb ram. video rate is running from 54fps with 5 cars on track down to 48fps with full field. And I don’t have DEP off. I just run compatability on win95 with administrator clicked on.

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