NR2003 HotKeys

ESC – Open ESC menu (Use Arrows and ENTER to Navigate)
F1 through F9 – Pit Service Controls (Use Arrows and SPACE to Navigate)
PageUp & PageDown – Change Driving Views
PauseBreak – Pause Game
PrintScreen – Take Screen Shot
F – Toggle Framerate Counter
G – Toggle Gauges in External Driving Views
H – Display Keyboard Shortcuts
M – Toggle Mirror Detail Level
N – Toggle Car Interior Display in Mirror
O – Toggle Trackside Object Detail Level
S – Toggle Speed/Gear/Flag Indicator
V – Change Focus to Next Driver (Car must be stopped)
CTRL+V – Change Focus Back to Player Car
SHIFT+V – Change Focus to Previous Driver (Car must be stopped)
CTRL+I – Toggle Lap Info Messages
CTRL+L – Check Leader Position
SHIFT+R – Return to Pit
SHIFT+T – View/Reset Tachometer Telltale
F11 – votes yes (issues !yes chat command in response to multiplayer poll)
F12 – votes no (issues !no chat command in response to multiplayer poll)

C – Change to Next Camera
V – Change Focus to Next Driver
CTRL+N – Unfocus Current Camera from Driver
CTRL+V – Change Focus Back to Player Car
SHIFT+C – Change to Previous Camera
SHIFT+V – Change Focus to Previous Driver
Keypad1 (END) – Fast Forward to End
Keypad4 (Left Arrow) – Frame Rewind
Keypad5 – Play/Pause
Keypad6 (Right Arrow) – Frame Advance
Keypad7 (Home) – Rewind to Start
Keypad8 – Slow Motion Mode
SHIFT+Keypad4 – Rewind
SHIFT+Keypad6 – Fast Forward
Keypad. (Del) – Switch to Live Feed Mode
S – Display Standings (Full-screen replay only)
Space – Toggle On-screen Display of Replay Controls
Note: All of the replay keypad shortcuts listed above may not function properly if NumLock is enabled on your keyboard. If you experience problems, it is recommended that you turn off NumLock.

  1. TacoMan259 says:

    Hey I have NR2003 and I want to change my views REALLY bad but my PG UP/PG DWN keys don’t work on NR2003 or any other game I have. If you guys have a soulution please tell me.


    P.S. I have a Windows 7 Gateway Laptop NV53 if that helps.

  2. Hello,

    i’m brazilian and i have a same problem. PgUp and PgDnw doesn’t change the view (cameras) in my notebook.

    to fix the problem you need open CONFIG.EXE in a NR2003 folder. make a “RUN IN WINDOW” Checkbox and click Finish>>


    Open the game in NR2003.exe, it runs in a window, you will see the game window and a Virtual Keyboard, go to track and click in PgUP or Pgdwn in Virtual Keyboard, exit the game and open CONFIG.EXE again, unmake a “RUN IN WINDOW” Checkbox and open game again in FULL SCREEN.


    Para os Brasileiros!!

    Abra o Teclado virtual do windows e execute o jogo no modo janela, quando estiver na pista clique no PageUP ou PageDown do teclado virtual que irá mudar a câmera. depois desmarque o modo janela no config.exe e execute novamente o jogo que já vai ficar na câmera escolhida!!


  3. Kenny Paul says:

    Coolness! Having the same problem and this was just the ticket!

  4. Skyler says:

    I cannot Figure out how to shift.

  5. Ryan says:

    I cannot figure out how to set the driving controls! Can someone please help? It’s my first time playing, so I do not know what to do.

  6. Colton Czapanskiy says:

    do you know how to turn off your car to save fuel in nr2003? please answer

  7. baler-shear says:

    Equipment for metal scrap recycling

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