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Sending Private Messages

/#1 Type your text here.

Sending Teamspeak Whispers

Settings / Key Settings / Add / Set / Press Key / Player to Add / Add

Unable to load replay

Backup your core.ini first!
In the “core.ini”
For 1 Gig system RAM, set the memory – maxblocksize in nr2003 to 1048576, but you have to change the poolsize to the same value and it won’t crash.
For 2 Gig system RAM, try doubling this number.

Fix for the Blinky Replays

Backup your core.ini first!
In the “core.ini” in your Nascar Folder, change this line
From: net_use_mdm_bandwidth_for_tcp_ip=1
To: net_use_mdm_bandwidth_for_tcp_ip=0
In other words, change the 1 to a zero.
That will save replays with all cars showing.

  1. Duane Quintern says:

    Download: Demons/3 is a valid link, but the download wont unzip… apparently it is corrupt. Does anyone know of another location to download this utility from. has apparently taken it down from its site…too bad.

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