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SimNASCAR site has not been used or update in years now. This site is only left online as it has become somewhat of a resource to many due to the many articles archived in the Driver University. The tech center setup file links are all broken… in fact, all of the links on this site are likely broken, never to be updated again. Enjoy, for posterity.


SimNASCAR is a stock car simulation website, with a focus on supporting good competition. Here you’ll find information on the NASCAR simulation experience.  There are many articles and tips here to help you get started, and to help develop your skills as an online sim-racer.

What is Sim-Racing? You can race from your home computer, and without ever getting up our of your chair. Here, we race on a simulation computer game called “NASCAR Racing 2003 Season”. Sim-racers connect to an internet server, and communicate with each other over a radio, which is handled with the voice chat program Teamspeak. Most drivers use a combination wheel and pedal set, and a gaming headset.

Think of this site as a news and support site for quality racing, like ESPN!  Check out the tab pages, like the Tech Center for tips and downloads, The Garage for useful setup information, and if you’re really wanting to learn more, the Driver University has a wealth of information for even the most experienced sim-racer. Most of these tips, and articles have been posted on forums over the past few years, but now you can find them all here at one site.

Site background: In the spring of 2009, this blog was refocused towards  grassroots racing, with a more relaxed atmostphere. The new effort has shifted back towards the basics, of having a good time, while supporting driver development, software configuration, and marketing.  These services are intended to help keep the fields strong, to keep the racing clean, and to tie-in all of the information available. The idea is to make things easier for leagues and racers so we will all have a better place to race.

We brought the best of everything from our previous efforts, and now we’re fully prepared to keep the community alive. Check out the race info on the front page, and if you need help getting started, feel free to ask!

SimNASCAR would like to wish you a Happy Raceday! All racers are welcome to participate, may we celebrate many checkered’s together!   Let’s go racing!

Race Donation!

  1. Alyssa says:

    Great site loved the articles and pictures keep up the good work


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