Driver University

SimNASCAR site has not been used or update in years now. This site is only left online as it has become somewhat of a resource to many due to the many articles archived in the Driver University. The tech center setup file links are all broken… in fact, all of the links on this site are likely broken, never to be updated again. Enjoy, for posterity.


This area is an archive of previously posted articles. The bulk of the material here came from the SimRacingInternational course “SimRacing 102”.  There are additional sources such as NR2003 beta tester Nim Cross, and Mike Ostrow. Others are credit in each assignment area: G. Coffman, Dan Corral, Sookie, Rodney Arndt, Volker Hackman, and other unknown authors.

While I have tried to credit all of the original authors to this material, it is both impractical and impossible considering the number of texts considered. My thanks to all who have provided this info to the NR2003 community. It is an honor to pass along this great info, in hopes of providing a service to our fellow sim racers.

This is perhaps the largest collection of helpful NR2003 articles on the internet.  Enjoy



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